We have hundreds of nutrients at the core of four series: Amino Acids, Dietary Supplements, Fortified Nutritional Supplements and High Quality Minerals. To combine our outstanding procurement capacity with our close cooperation with the factories, we are committed to providing customers and consumers with safe and reliable nutrition enhancers, nutritional supplements, treatment solutions and differentiated services, and to becoming the most professional domestic functional nutrients supplier in health care industry.

Premix Product Service

  •  Multi-Vitamins Premix

  •  Multi-Amino acid Premix

  •  Multi Mineral Premix

  •  Multi probiotics Premix

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  •  Infant Formula Foods

  •  Infant Complementary Foods

  •  Food and Beverage

  •  Health Food Supplement

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  Mineral List Table
Heavy Calcium CarbonateLight Calcium carbonateMagnesium Oxide (Import)
L-Calcium LactateLight Calcium carbonate (Import)Magnesium Oxide
Calcium CitrateL-Calcium Lactate PentahydrateMagnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate
Calcium Gluconate LactateCalcium ChlorideMagnesium Carbonate
Ferrous SulfateCalcium CitrateMagnesium Citrate
Ferrous SulfateCalcium SulfateCopper Oxide
Ferrous FumaratL-Aspartic Acid CalciumCopper(II) Sulfate Pentahydrate
EDTA Ferric SodiumCalcium PhosphateCopper Gluconate
Ferric PyrophosphateDibasic Calcium PhosphateManganese Sulfate
Zinc OxideTertiary Calcium PhosphateManganese Gluconate
Zinc SulfateCalcium GluconatePotassium Chloride
Zinc GluconateFerrous LactatePotassium Sulphate
Zinc CitrateFerrous GluconatePotassium Carbonate
Magnesium OxideFerric CitratePotassium Citrate
Magnesium SulfateZinc OxidePotassium Iodate
Magnesium ChlorideZinc LactatePotassium Iodide
Potassium ChlorideZinc Citrate
Monopotassium PhosphateZinc Gluconate
Composite PhosphateMonozinc L-Aspartate
Copper Sulphate DiluentGlycine Zinc
Sodium Selenite DiluentSelenium-Enriched Yeast
Potassium IodideSelenium-Enriched Yeast
Chromium Chloride DiluentSelenium Carrageenan
Sodium Molybdate DiluentL-Selenocysteine


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