Coriolus Versicolor powder

Product Name:Coriolus Versicolor powderAppearance: Fine Grey-White PowderMesh size:30MESHProcessed Part: Coriolus fruit body Moisture:<8%Protein: 20%Fibre: 8%Ash:3%As:<o

Product Name:Coriolus Versicolor powder

Appearance: Fine Grey-White Powder

Mesh size:30MESH

Processed Part: Coriolus fruit body



Protein: 20%

Fibre: 8%







Usage: 5-10g/one cup hot water (Best used water cooking with 5 Minutes) ,3 times/per day


Store: Keep in cool and dry place,after opening,reseal the package and refrigerate to maintain


Best flavor and nutrition composition.


Package: 10g/bag 1kg/bag 10kg/bag 25kg/bag




Cultivation: without agricultural Chemical


Other Coriolus versicolor products: coriolus versicolor extract powder (PE:>30%)


Supply season: All round year


  The immune stimulating compounds found in the medicinal mushroom Coriolus versicolor , known as PSK or Krestin in Japan, generate sales of several hundred million dollars a year, making Coriolus the world's top selling all-natural product for serious immune support.


    Commonly known as the "turkey tail" in North America, Coriolus versicolor (also known as Trametes versicolor), is unique among medicinal mushrooms with extensive use in both Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine and modern clinical practice.


    The beta 1-4, 1-3 glucans (polysaccharides) extracted from Coriolus versicolor are also one of the first remedies from Traditional East Asian Medicine to be fully backed by modern clinical research. Over 300 published studies and dozens of long term, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials document the benefits, making Coriolus one of the best researched nutraceuticals in the world.


    However it is critically important when using Coriolus versicolor for health puposes to use it in the "supplement" form. The human body is not capable of absorbing the micro amounts of active constituents, the beta 1-4, 1-3 glucans, contained in Coriolus mushrooms and Coriolus mycelium, both of which are indigestible. 100 pounds of dry mushrooms or dry mycelium contains only enough active compounds to make three pounds of the powder used in the clinical studies.


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