Whey Protein Drink, Beverage Drink Powder,OEM

Whey Protein Drink, Beverage Drink Powder

Product Name  Whey Protein Drink, Beverage Drink Powder
FunctionImprove immunity   
Place of Origin China 
Color white   
Ingredients Whey protein concentrate drink powde
Packaging  10g/bag
Applicable people Children, adolescents, middle-aged and elderly people and sports people 



Drinking after mixing it with 8-12 times warm water 

The dosage of water is based on the weight of the drink powder you put

More than 95% of U.S. imported high quality whey protein is added to the drink powder, with a protein content of up to

 70%, good solubility, and fast absorption.Protein drinks can improve immunity and prevent cancer,it tastes 

very well ,can be uesed as beverage drink.


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