Pearl Layer Powder

Pearl Layer Powder

Pearl Layer Powder

[Features]Pure Pearl Layer Powder is light yellow! Because pearl oyster is colorful, the powder is still with the color of yellow after crushed!

The so-called "pearl layer powder" on the market is basically white, it is certainly not pure and must be other shell powder!

The company's self-processing sea water layer powder is light yellow, and we ensure that it is the pure sea water pearl layer powder.

The Company directly provide Pearl Layer Powder made from  the well-known at home and abroad Hepu Pearl to manufacturers and companies around the country. We can provide samples.

[Quality Standards]

In line with corporation standards "Q / ZMD 0004S-2012

[Form] Light yellow powder, no foreign odor, no foreign impurities; all over 200 mesh.

Moisture ≤5.0%;

Protein ≥1.0%;

Lead ≤1.0 mg / kg;

Arsenic ≤ 0.5 mg / kg;

Mercury ≤ 0.3 mg / kg;

The total plate count ≤ 1000cfu / g;

Coliforms ≤ 30 MPN / 100g;

Mold count ≤25cfu / g;

Yeast count ≤ 25cfu / g;

Pathogenic bacteria: N.D.

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