Vitamin D3 Oil

CAS No.:67-97-0 (8050-67-7;8024-19-9)

Product name: Vitamin D3 Oil

CAS No.:67-97-0 (8050-67-7;8024-19-9)

Appearance:Clear yellow oil

Specifcaition:  Food Grade/ Feed grade 100,000 ~ 5,000,000 IU/g

                        High potency resin 15,000,000IU/G ~ 20,000,000IU/g

Packing:5kg/tin, 25kg/drum

Storage:kept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture

Shelf life:12 months


Vitamin D3 Oil Food Grade is obtained from vitamin D3 crystal dissolved in corn oil. The content of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) can be 1,000,000IU/g to 40,000,000IU/g, made according to customers’ requirement.

Vitamin D3 Oil Food Grade is used for vitaminized food products, e.g. margarine, vanaspati, ghee and other edible oil, etc.

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